Raise an Arm for Caleb Campaign

River Boat Books is proud to announce that we are partnering with the Jacinta Colling Hallman family to help their son acquire a desperately needed robotic arm. Insurance will not pay for this arm, which costs a staggering $53,000, so the family has embarked on a fundraising campaign. As a partner, we pledge to donate 30% of all River Boat Books sales from March 8 thru June 8, 2018 to Caleb's family so he can get this robotic arm.​​
Here is how Caleb's mom, Jacinta, described who Caleb is and his need.

We are fundraising in the hopes and belief that we can raise the funds to get our 14yr old son ,Caleb a JACO. A robotic arm that attaches to his wheelchair. Both of our Insurance Companies denied coverage and call it a luxury item, they recommended that he should try Physical or occupational therapy.(which he has done since he was a baby) We think being able to feed yourself, turn on the lights, brush your hair or scratch your own face is not a luxury.  Caleb is in most cases your typical teenager. A Freshman at Shikellamy High School, he lives for his HS football season, Go Braves! His favorite football team is the Steelers, he loves sleeping in, hanging with his friends and video games.  Unlike your "normal" teen, Caleb was born with Arthrogryposis. That means he was born with multiple joint contractures. In Caleb's case both of his arms and legs were affected. He was born early and weighed 3lbs 6oz. He had surgery the day he was born to fix his Gastroschesis.His legs were casted a couple of weeks later to start straightening them. He was serial casted over the years and has had multiple surgeries on his feet and legs to get them straight. He can walk with full length braces and also has used an electric wheelchair since he was 5. Caleb is dependent on others for most daily living activities. Eating, dressing, bathing, brushing teeth ect.  He was introduced to Jaco (aka) the coolest robotic arm ever and it is the first medical thing he has ever liked! For the first time he was able to pour himself a drink, pick something off the floor, brush his hair and use a fork to eat...by himself. Things that most people take for granted he's never been able to do before. Jaco gave him that independence. So we are asking for help to give our Caleb mobility and independence. You would literally be giving him an arm! Any help is appreciated! Prayers, shares or donations. We welcome it all! Thank you so much! Jacinta (Caleb's mom)
Please watch the video of Caleb learning to use a robotic arm
River Boat Books will donate
30% of all River Boat Books sales
from March 8 thru June 8, 2018 to Caleb's family
so he can get his arm.​​

If you purchase 50$ worth of RBB books,
Caleb's family will receive $15.

If 1,000 people each make a $50 purchase,
Caleb's family would receive $15,000

Of course if you do not wish to purchase a RBB book, then please go to
The Raise an Arm for Caleb GoFundMe site and make a donation.

Whatever you decide, please help Caleb and his family!!