Klaus Hauser
River Boat Books is pleased to announce that noted literary critic and book connoisseur Klaus Hauser will be joining our editorial staff as Senior Editor and all-around go-to-guy when it comes to anything books (which includes interviewing authors, shuffling off to book expos, and acting as our liaison to the press in Europe).

Prior to joining River Boat Books, Mr. Haus was on the staff at the Württembergische Landesbibliothek in Stuttgart. Prior to that he was a contributing editor for Schnitt-Das Filmmagazin in Cologne until that publication closed its doors in 2013. Klaus lives in Stuttgart, where he augments his earnings as an editor by working as a bartender.

Below is a link to Klaus' first interview for River Boat Books: A Conversation with Writer Rick Harsch.  

A Conversation with writer Rick Harsch, author of Skulls of Istria